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Christmas Tried And Tested Cheese 2017

We taste tested this years Christmas inspired cheese from the UK’s leading supermarkets. Take a look at our top cheeses including who is our winner in this year’s Cheese taste test which we were kindly sent.

Ten Of Ten

Waitrose Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton

Price: £3.99

Waitrose Blue Stilton

The blue Stilton from Waitrose is our overall winner from our taste test. We though that the cheese had a beautiful creamy texture and was rich in taste and had a slightly salty but nutty taste to it. The Stilton was fairly strong and left a lovely after taste in our mouths when we were finished. Overall we loved the taste and were left wanting more.

Waitrose Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton is available from Waitrose

Nine Of TenTesco Finest French Truffle Brie

Price: From £3.00

Tesco Brie Cheese
Image Credit: Tesco

Tesco’s Truffle Brie came second in our taste test. We thought that brie is one of those cheeses that are not over-powering in taste but when paired with truffle gave an amazing flavour. It tasted creamy and nutty and was basically a ‘melt in your mouth’ type of cheese. Overall we felt it was well balanced between the lightness of the brie cheese and paired perfectly with the truffle addition.

Tesco’s Finest French Truffle Brie is available from Tesco

Eight Of TenAldi Specially Selected Mature Cheddar With Scotch Malt Whisky

Price: From £1.75

Aldi Whisky Cheese

Third in our taste test was Aldi with it’s Mature Cheddar with Scotch Malt Whisky. We felt that this cheese had a fairly strong taste which we expect from a mature cheddar but loved the scotch whisky which gave a slightly sweeter taste to the cheese. Overall we liked the taste and texture of the cheese and felt the whisky addition really gave it a different taste entirely.

Aldi Specially Selected Mature Cheddar Cheese With Malt Scotch Whisky is available in-store at Aldi

Seven Half Out Of Ten

Marks And Spencer’s Ashley Chase Mature Cheddar Truckle

Price: £10.00

M&S Cheese Truckle
Image Credit: M&S

In at fourth place is Marks And Spencer’s cheddar truckle which we felt had a smooth, creamy texture to it and was not to strong in taste but had a slightly tangy taste to it in our throats. Overall we felt this tasted really nice and would go great with some crackers.

Marks And Spencer’s Ashley Chase Mature Cheddar Truckle is available in store or online at Marks And Spencer’s

Seven Half Out Of Ten

Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Shropshire Red Cheese

Price: £2.75

Sainsburys Shropshire Cheese
Image Credit: Sainburys

Taste The Difference Shropshire Red Cheese is rich and smooth. We tried this in our taste test and we’re impressed by it’s rich taste with a really smooth texture. It is quite similar to a red Leicester cheese but had a but more of a bite to it. It has quite an earthy smell and left us wanting even more!

Sainsburys Taste The Difference Shropshire Red Cheese is available online or in store from Sainsburys

Seven Of TenAldi’s Specially Selected White Stilton With Festive Fruit And Port

Price: From £1.75 (Image Coming Soon)

White Stilton has a light, fresh flavour and a crumbly texture. When we tried this cheese in the taste test we really liked the white Stilton taste which was not over-powering but when paired with the fruit and port gave such a Christmas feel and taste to it and we all really liked it. Overall we liked the taste and the infusion with the fruit and port but would have liked a bit more of the port flavour.

Aldi Specially Selected White Stilton With Festive Fruit And Port is available at Aldi

Six And Half Of TenTesco Spicy Cheddar Wreath

Price: From £1.99

Tesco Spicy Cheddar
Image Credit: Tesco

This spicy cheddar wreath was really delicious. We loved how much flavour was in this cheese, it was packed full of lots of different spices and packed a real punch. It also had the balance of the cheddar which worked well with the spices.

It was fairy smooth in texture but had a pepper after taste which gave a real kick in our mouth. Overall we felt this Spicy Cheddar Wreath was full of flavour and is great for those who like something a little bit hotter.

Tesco Spicy Cheddar Wreath can be bough online or in store at Tesco
We’re off to the shops to buy these cheeses again!

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