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Chuggington StackTrack Rescue At Rocky Ridge Mine

The Chuggington StackTrack Rescue At Rocky Ridge Mine  is newly released for 2013 and will keep your children busy for hours on end this Christmas 2013.  We were kindly sent this to review. The playset has many features, some of which include:-

  • Rocky Ridge Mine
  • Special decorated Koko, Wilson & brewster Di-Cast Engines
  • Tumbling Boulder

When the Chuggington playset arrived at UnderTheChristmasTree HQ, the first thing we noticed was just how big the toy is – the box will definitely make a big impact on Christmas morning that’s for sure! The box is brightly coloured and features the official Chuggington logo which is bound to have your children excited at the very sight.

Chuggington is a favourite amongst young children. The cbeebies television show keeps your little monsters entertained throughout the day, which gives parents time to prepare for their next burst of energy and maybe to squeeze in some ‘me time’ (who knew that existed!?).

This playset is based on the ‘Chug Patrol And The Rescue At Rocky Ridge’ episode of Chuggington on Cbeebies and allows your children to recreate the scene.

Your children will love being the hero of the game by saving Koko who is trapped under the rubble in Rocky Ridge, its up to you – Chug Patrol Wilson, to come to the rescue! In order to rescue Koko, you need to avoid the tumbling boulder and crash through the archways.

The entire playset is full of challenges to keep your children occupied. The set is brightly coloured in blue, grey, yellow and brown.  You can even adjust how you make up the set – making it shorter or with different heights.

Reviews For Chuggington StackTrack Rescue At Rocky Ridge Mine

Do you have the Rescue At Rocky Ridge Mine playset? If you do, we would love to hear your thoughts! Please feel free to send us your thoughts and we might even feature it on our website.

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