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Clear out unwanted toys for a good cause

Argos and Barnardos join forces to collect unwanted toys in exchange for a £5 Argos voucher all the while helping less fortunate children in the UK.

If you are a parent you will know just how many toys your little one can collect over the years, you will also notice piles of once-favoured toys lying around in a pile causing a lot of mess – which you end up cleaning!

You can now not only declutter your child’s room (and the rest of the house where those pesky toys lurk) but also take part in the Argos Toy Exchange where you will be donating to a good cause.

Argos have teamed up with Barnado’s to collect unwanted toys and passing them on to less fortunate children. Starting Wednesday October 17th, you will be able to donate your unwanted toys to around 740 Argos stores and 500 Barnado’s stores and just as a thank-you Argos will give you a £5 voucher, which you can spend more than likely on more new toys!

You will be able to donate toys from 17 October until 27 November.

Redeemable in Argos until December 24, the vouchers will come in handy for Christmas. By taking part in this brilliant event you can not only declutter your home but you will also be helping children around the UK.

Launching the event in London, celebrity mum Danielle Lineker met with children from Northlands Park Children’s Centre, she said:

“I’m really proud to be supporting the Argos Toy Exchange,”

“Argos is a destination for most UK mums, including myself, at Christmas and this initiative allows you to bring not only a smile to your children’s faces this year, but many more who need help from Barnado’s services across the UK.

“All we’re asking is for people to clear out their toy boxes and bring any unwanted toys into Argos so they can donate them to a good cause.”


After news was announced earlier this week which stated 3.6 million children are living below the poverty line in the UK, the Toy Exchange really will help out families this winter.

The average British family hoard around 80 toys where only one third are played with on a regular basis and a staggering 13 million toys end up in the dustbin, even though they are still in good condition, we think its time for the UK to start a huge clear-out and help this worthwhile cause!

For more information visit: http://www.barnardos.org.uk

Will you take part in the Argos and Barnando’s Toys Exchange? How will this help your family? Comment us using our comments box below.

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