Cloudbabies Cloudy House Playset

Help the Cloudbabies look after the sky and it the end of a hard days work have fun in the cloudy house playset which features:

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  • 4 Ways to play – Stack or stand alone.
  • Accessories including chairs, bed and more.
  • Flying sky donk
  • Exclusive Bobo White figure
  • Suitable for age 2 years and older
  • Available from Amazon UK

Cloudbabies Cloudy House Playset

Up in the fluffy white clouds live four cloudbabies baba pink, baba blue, baba yellow and Baba green who help to protect the sky’s, also tagging along is bobo white who is not yet a fully fledged cloudbaby now you can re-create favourite scenes from the Cbeebies TV programme with the new range of cloudbabies toys.

Based on the house from the kids show it sits in Baba Green’s garden with a bridge that links them to the sky horses.

Cloudbabies Cloudy house playset lets you to play in many different ways either by stacking them one colourfull floor at a time or having it stand alone. Included with the cloudy house you will get an exclusive bobo white figure, magical sky donk and even playhouse pieces to keep your little one busy all day long!

When you build the house you will see that it has been designed to look exactly like their home from the cbeebies show! When the playset is closed you will see the baby pink roof, underneath there is a mint green room with a cloud shape on the front, below the green room there is a sky blue room with a half shaped moon on the front and to finish off the base is yellow with sunshine images around.

Just like the kids TV programme the house even has a multi coloured door which the cloudbabies created themselves after cheeky fluffa causes mischief by telling each cloudbaby to paint the door but when each one returned they found their door had been painted over! as they confront fluffa a raincloud pours down and mixes the colour so they decided all paint their favourite colour in stripes on the door and soon it is looking wonderful again!

You can open the cloudbabies cloudy house playset which reveals different rooms; the blue room has images of a sink, towel rack holding towels and has a half moon shape on the floor. The accessories feature chairs in mints green a baby pink bed and white
chair and cot.

Let’s take a look at the exclusive Baba white figure – he is standing in his nappy with a finger pointing to his mouth he looks like hes about to create some mischief he has white hair and on his nappy is a small rainbow design.

The magical flying sky donk is very cute and true to character it is multi coloured and sits just at the top of the roof watching over waiting for a cloudbaby to call on them! Suitable toddlers toy for ages two and older this does not require batteries.

What’s in the Cloudy House box?

This is a list on what you will receive inside the box;

  • Cloudy House playset
  • bobo white figure
  • sky donk
  • accessories

Specifications, Height and Weight of Cloudbabies toys

  • Created by cloudbabies
  • For ages 2 and older
  • Boxed-product Weight: 358g

Under the Christmas Tree Verdict

Here is what we think of this toddlers toys. We think this is durable and offers a great way to encourage children’s imagination. This is durable, sturdy and colourful making good for little hands. We do think it could have done with a few more figures however it is likely you will be able to buy these separately.

With four different ways to play we think this toy is overall fun, enjoyable and as it doesn’t require batteries no need to worry that they will go flat!

Cloudy House Play Set reviews

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