Cloudbabies Talking Baba Blue

Meet Cloudbabies Talking Baba Blue who is one of four childlike characters whose job it is to look after the sky.

Talking Baba Blue features:

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  • part of the Cloudbabies range
  • suitable for age 2+
  • range of phrases
  • Cbeebies TV show
  • Available from Amazon UK

Suitable for ages 2 and up this popular preschool Cbeebies TV programme promotes caring for others and helps teach day and night, sun and moon, rainbow and stars.

What are the Sky Friends Called?

High up in the sky the Cloudbabies begin their day’s work – looking after the sky, along with their sky friends:

Sun who is always jolly and likes to laugh

Moon is a shy, sensitive and motherly character

Rainbow is very proud of his colours and a bit of a show-off.

Fuffa Cloud is a playful, overgrown kid who’s learning to rain but needs encouragement

Little Star is the youngest of the Sky Friends who needs to sleep through the day so that he can twinkle at night.

Who is Baba Blue?

Dressed in his little blue suit and blue boots  Cloudbabies Talking Baba Blue has a Moon on both his short sleeved suit and his forehead – just above his blue eyebrows

Just like all the other Cloudbabies he has rainbow coloured hair and a friendly smiling face.

He can be a little clumsy at times but he is very helpful and is always ready with his toolbox filled with useful things to fix things.

He also mends any cracks that appear on Rainbow and is likes to show how keen and enthusiastic he is.

Press his soft tummy to hear one of his 7 phrases including “Now where’s my toolbox?”

What’s Inside the Box?

Inside the box you will find

1 x Talking Baba Blue .

3 x LR44 batteries are required (included).

All the Cloudbabies live together on a big fluffy cloud with their mischievous Sky Imp friend Bobo White.  As they begin their day’s work they head off on their Skyhorsies.

Who are the Other Cloudbabies?

There are four Talking Cloudbabies to collect:

Baba Pink can be a little bit bossy

Baba Blue who can be clumsy at times

Baba Green tells a great story

Baba Yellow is very creative

Manufactured by Vivid Imaginations these preschool toys will be well received by the many fans of the series.

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