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Colgate ProClinical A1500 Toothbrush

Introducing Colgate ProClinical A1500 – The UK’s first electronic toothbrush which automatically adjusts, delivering a superior clean for both teeth and gums, or does it? UnderTheChristmasTree puts this new toothbrush to the test as we were kindly sent this to review.

Lets begin with out initial first impression. When the A1500 arrived, we must say we were mightily impressed with all of the features, the electronic toothbrush states on the front of the box, 32,500 strokes/min, auto adjust, 2 minute timer, polishes, smart sensors, manual mode selection, led display, 30 second pacer, interdental clean and it also has a travel case.

Next up is the toothbrush itself, it is very light to pick up and is straight forward in respect that you can easily select different modes and switch it on/off with just a click of a button. It is easy to assemble as you simply click the toothbrush head into the grooves, click it into place and you’re then ready to charge it up using the charging station and plug.

For your first initial charge it is recommended you charge it up for 16 hours and then once week for 16 hours, when the Colgate A1500 is charging you will see a red light on the toothbrush.

When you first turn on the toothbrush, the screen will show MODES, press ON and then rotate the brush to listen for speed changes. There are three speed changes, low-speed which gently brushes teeth and moves from side-to-side, then there is the mid-speed where you should hold the handle at 45 degrees to brush at the gum line. You will notice that the brush pivots from side-to-side and up and down to clean your teeth and gums.  High-speed can be used to clean behind and between your teeth and molars and the brush will move up and down.

So now that we are toothbrush savvy, Holly in the office gave the A1500 a trial. She put a small amount of water on the brush and applied toothpaste, put the brush in her mouth and pressed ON and selected the Auto mode.

She moved the brush slowly over her teeth and the the toothbrush began to auto adjust the speed as she was brushing her teeth.  Every 30 seconds she was alerted to brush different areas of the mouth to get an even, all over clean.

Holly has said that this mode is excellent as she really felt that her whole mouth  had a really good clean and liked the fact that she was alerted every 30 seconds to brush a different area of her mouth.

The next mode for Holly to try was the Optimum Mode. This mode cleans the teeth and gums. When trying this option Holly said:  ‘I liked this mode as I felt that not only were my teeth getting a good clean, but so were my gums, as sometimes you can miss the gum line’

The last mode is the Deep Clean Mode.  Again, Holly was very impressed with this,  she said that it got right behind and between her teeth and molars and made her whole mouth feel like it had had a deep clean by the dentist.

Overall, UnderTheChristmasTree were very impressed with the Colgate ProClinical A1500 toothbrush.  It ticks all of the boxes and gives you everything that you would want from a toothbrush and more.  It was easy to store away and it held its charge really well.

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