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Combat Creatures Doom Razor R/C Attacknid

Blast anything that gets in your way with the spider like six legged combat creature which we were kindly sent to review, Doom Razor Attacknid which features:

  • Multi terrain walking
  • Indoor our outdoor use
  • Remote controlled
  • Sound Effects and battle lights
  • Suitable for age 6 to adult
  • Batteries required – not included

Take control of your Doom Razor remote controlled attacknid and march your way over any terrain as you blast down anything that gets in your way.

This 6 legged robot looks similar to a spider and walks with spider like movements.  The head turns a full 360º for increased maneuverability and control.

One look at this impressive blasting robot with its red and black combat armour and red brain will see your foes running (or rushing spider-like) to take cover. The red skin set which consists of 6 top and 6 leg pieces easily clips on to the body.

Nothing will hold back this big guy, standing 10 inches tall, he’s an attacknid to be reckoned with as he marches his way through grass, snow and gravel blasting his way ahead. Don’t panic if there’s a puddle in his way because all the electronics are based off the floor in Doom Razor’s body which gives him clearance to walk through shallow water.

No need to follow too close to Doom Razor as he is controllable not just up to an amazing 200 feet, but also through a wall, not just a battler he’s a clever guy too and manages to avoid any obstacle that might just be in his way.

Your biggest foe would be another Attacknid, but worry not, just enter battle mode and blast your opponent’s combat armour as it explodes their legs off or shut them down completely by blasting their battle brain 3 times.

Congratulations to WOW Stuff who made it onto our official YouTube channel. Watch the Attacknid demonstration below:

If you’d like to customise your Doom Razor attacknid then other accessories are available so you can give your combat creature a unique spec.

Attacknid inventor, Jaimie Mantzel must have had (and must still be having) so much fun when he first invented these amazing creatures.

There are quite a few screws that need to be removed to insert the batteries and you will need a small headed Philips screwdriver to take them out.

It does require quite a few batteries, 6 x AA to be precise, which are not included, so make sure you have spares available.  It’s a pity it doesn’t come with a charger even if it did add a little on to the initial price, it would be so be worth it!

This is the latest in ultimate battle robotics, simply clip on the red and black combat armour and you’re ready to scuttle into battle.   Above all remember to defend your battle brain, because if you get hit 3 times your out of the fight.

Reviews for Combat Creatures Doom Razor Attacknid

If you are a fan of remote controlled combat creatures and have already battled with Doom Razor get in touch via our easy to use review section below and tell us what you thought of this awesome attacknid.


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