Common Holiday Mistakes

Your ready to travel on your holidays, you think ‘everything is organized, passports, tickets, insurance, all in a folder ready to go’ but have you thought about these problems?

Take a look at the biggest holiday mistakes so that you can avoid any problems and enjoy your holiday.

1. Forgetting your passport: While some domestic flights may just require any photo ID a large majority do not and no-one wants to be turned away from the check-in desk, knowing they have forgotten their passport and therefore not going on holiday so double & trip check that you have your passport before you leave the house

2. Check the expire date on your passport: Just when you think ‘I’ve got everything I need’ and you have remember to take your passport just to find out that it expired a few days ago, so double check that its going to be in date before and after your return

3. Packing too much: Your at the check-in desk, they ask you to put your luggage on the scales and then panic sets in, if your luggage is over the luggage allowance you will be charged extra so make sure that you double check the weight before you go to the airport by weighing your suitcases on the bathroom scales or go and buy a set of luggage scales and check the weight of your suitcase

4. Leave enough time to get to the airport: Over-estimate the length of your journey. Allow extra time when your traveling to the airport incase you are in the rush hour or there is roadworks so that you can have a nice stress-free journey

5. Wearing shoes that take ages to take off at security: We’ve all done it, bought a nice new pair of lace up boots or the latest trainers which have laces which need to be tied and untied before you can take them off, so wear shoes which you can slip on and off easily

6. Forgetting to print out your boarding pass: Make sure that you have printed out your boarding pass before you get to the airport, as you will be charged extra by certain airlines if they have to print it out for you at the airport and if you traveling with a family of four or five this can really add up and cost a pretty penny

7. Packing away your boarding pass: Keep your travel documents in your hand luggage. You need easy access to your passport and your boarding pass at check-in, at the departure gate and at passport control

8. Joking with the airport staff: Don’t joke that some else has packed your bags, the staff have a very serious job to do and will take this very seriously, so try and not make any comments which could get you in trouble

9. Remember the rules: Don’t try and take 500ml of juice, or perfume in your hand luggage, the rules state that you can only take 100mls, so check the rules before you go and make sure that you are sticking to them

10. Don’t get to tipsy: Don’t drink too much as if you are going on a flight as you may not be allowed to board if you are too drunk

What are common holiday mistakes have you made? Comment below and let us know.

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