Cooking with Kids

Have fun in the kitchen with your kids and get them to help make food that they really like.

Cooking is a great way to educate children about food and show them that cooking can be fun.

When they have friends round get out the icing pens and some basic fairy cakes and let them loose – you may well spend lots of time cleaning up behind them but you can guarantee they’ll all have had a great time.

Get giggles galore as you and your kids get together in the kitchen.

Why not try one or all of these easy recipes below.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Here’s an easy recipe from Kelloggs that will keep the kids happy and sticky! As it contains ice-cream make sure there’s room in the freezer before you tackle this one.

There are only 5 ingredients, most of which you probably have in your store cupboard or from your local supermarket – rice krispies, peanut butter, margarine, marshmallows and ice cream.

Give them Ice Cream Sandwiches as a treat or use as a desert after a healthy lunch

Ready to go Wraps

Sneak in one or two of their five a day with this recipe from BBC Good Food. This is a great way to encourage them to make their own lunch and it’s so simple.

Choose from food they like, this recipe includes chicken tikka slices, red peppers, green olives along with salsa but you could easily substitute other foods that they prefer and add some shredded lettuce, cucumber, red onion the list is endless.

The fun part and possibly the messiest part is putting it all together. They’ll enjoy it all the more because they made it themselves. Ready to go Wraps are great idea especially if they have friends round for lunch.

Chocolate Phily Fairy Cakes

Kids enjoy cooking with mum and this recipe for fairy cakes, from Philadelphia, are so simple to make.

If you don’t have time you can always buy a packet of ready made chocolate buns fairly cheaply from your local supermarket and decorate them yourself.

This topping appealed to me and as it’s just Philadelphia with Cadbury piled on top of the buns and a few decorations added the kids will love putting these Chocolate Phily Fairy Cakes  together


The one thing kids love more than pizza is making their own pizza. This recipe from workathomemoms includes making your own pizza dough but for those (like me) who don’t have time for this just grab a pizza base when you’re in the supermarket and get them to add their favourite toppings.

Along with your toppings you’ll need some pizza sauce for the base and mozzarella cheese.

Stick the pizza in the oven and hey presto! Lunch is ready and no complaints.

Flower Pots

These are great fun and they look great. They only takes around 20 minutes to make and even little ones can join in with the decorating – although it is likely to get quite messy.

For this fun recipe from BakingMad you will need basic chocolate cake mix, ice cream cones (cup shaped ) ready to roll icing, food colours and flower cutter.

Get together and make some fun recipes from BakingMad as a special treat for all the family.

Cooking with your children is one of the best ways to have fun together.

This is a great time to educate your kids about the food that they eat and about the countries that the foods came from.

Getting creative in the kitchen will employ both their hands and their minds.

Encourage them to cut their sandwiches with cookie cutters and decorate them with vegetables and fruit to turn a boring sandwich into their own special snack!

As your child gets older they can be given more difficult recipes to follow and in time may even make the evening meal for the family. Children’s cooking couldn’t be more fun with these five easy to do recipes above!

Send us your comments so other parents can get ideas on what you and your little ones love to cook by using our comment box below.

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