Coping with kids on a long haul flight

More and more of us are hopping onto a flight and jetting off to a destination on the other side of the world.

Many parents take their children for a very special holiday and head off to the USA to see Mickey Mouse at Disneyland.

These  flights take a whale of a time to complete, it’s bad enough trying to cope with ‘how long will it be’, ‘will we be there soon’ during a quick 2 hours European flight but the thought of a 10 hour + flight is just sometimes too much for many of us to contemplate.

So how do we keep the little darlings happy on a long haul flight?

Here are some suggestions we hope will help:-

Run them ragged the day before, only letting up when you send them off to bed

Keep the little blighters awake as long as possible so they sleep for a good part of the flight.

Try to keep them entertained – many airlines have in- flight entertainment.

Take easy to carry objects with you like coloured pencils and a book to colour – fingers crossed they don’t redesign the seat in front of them.

Snacks are a good way to keep the kids happy while you grab a few minutes respite and nip off to the loo. As you pass by the seat in front you think the couple look a little stressed – could it be that your kids have been pinging peanuts and chocolate raisins in their direction?

Try to settle all the family down for a sleep which will help make the journey seem shorter.

Don’t leave your make up bag lying around where little hands can get hold of it – you may find the follicly challenged guy in front has a red, smiley, lipstick inspired, face drawn on his head as he quietly snoozes.

In the unlikely event that any of the above happens to you as you jet off on the holiday of a lifetime, simply plead the fifth and look at the children.

Have a great holiday – remember you’ve got a return flight to get through next.

Get in touch and tell us your funny experiences when heading off on holiday.

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