Corgi launches ITV1 and CITV campaign

Hornby Hobbies’ Corgi toys has launched 2000 TVR TV sponsorship campaign on ITV1 and CITV channels.

Running throughout December and upto March 2013, Corgi will promote its new range of toys. The toy products will be aimed at kids age three to nine years old.

With a 10 second ‘credit’ after shows such as Canimals, The Avengers and more kids and parents will see this on the run upto Christmas.

Weekday credits will run daily until March 2013 with a 10-second advert.

“Corgi Toys has won respected awards from retail, trade and consumer panels’ said Marketing Manager Martyn Weaver.

“It is the perfect vehicle range for an everyday audience. We thank our retail partners for supporting us and this campaign will help us to drive Corgi Toys into the New Year.  

“We are also very excited about showcasing our new Corgi Toys range at the London Toy Fair in 2013.”

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