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Could ITV2 Be On Santa’s Naughty List This Christmas?

Will ITV2 be finding a lump of coal under the Christmas tree this year? or will Santa see the jolly side? after the popular TV channel plays a naughty trick to try and confuse twitter.

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Last night ITV2 aired one of our favourite wintry movies, The Holiday Taking to its official twitter account, the TV channel decided to play a little festive prank.  The aim was to get as many of its followers to tweet ‘Merry Christmas’ to not only confuse twitter (as it’s only August) but to also confuse many people over on social media, Naughty, naughty!

Don’t forget ITV2 ‘he’s making a list and checking it twice, he gonna find out who’s naught or nice’  Lets hope Santa had a little mulled wine and seen the funny side.

Did you tune into watch The Holiday and more to the point did you tweet ‘Merry Christmas’? Share your comments with us and others below.

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