Could We See Hulk Toys Being Released This Christmas?

A new study by Argos has revealed that the Hulk is the most popular of the Marvel characters which could suggest that a Hulk film starring Mark Gruffalo would be a Box Office smash, which makes us here at UTCT HQ wonder if we could be seeing Hulk toys being released for Christmas 2019?

The Hulk Toys
Image credit: Argos

Following the record-breaking release of Avengers Endgame, Argos assessed the merchandise sales of the characters in the popular Marvel franchise, discovering that arch-villain Thanos is more popular than Iron Man and Captain America.

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More than 115,000 Argos customers have searched for Hulk goodies so far this year alone, with up to 12,000 people on the lookout for Avengers merchandise on the Argos website on just one day.

Paul Kinge, Senior Toys Buyer at Argos, said:

“Sales of Avengers toys are set to soar over the coming weeks as fans flock to the new film.  Despite his villainous role, it seems that kids (and grown-up kids alike) can’t get enough of the villainous, purple Thanos. However, even Thanos couldn’t defeat the mighty green one, showing that there could be appetite for a new standalone Hulk film.”

With such a huge demand for the Hulk, is it likely that we could be seeing Hulk themed toys being released for Christmas 2019? We are already taking bets here in the office!

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