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Create, play and imagine with Makedo

Children will have loads of fun as they create, play and imagine with Makedo.

Makedo is a fun way to encourage children to recycle items that they will find around the home.

Suitable for children from age 5 years this is the ideal way to encourage their creativity.

Makedo is available from AMAZON

Makedo comes in 3 basic parts:

  • Safe-saw for cutting out window, doors, etc
  • Re-clip -which allows them to clamp materials together – simply release the backing for reuse
  • Lock-hinge create joints with a Lock-hinge.  Lock it into 10 fixed positions or allow it to swing freely.

Let their imagination run free using Makedo tools to create toys while learning through making and play.

As Makedo is reusable they can easily take their creation apart and make something else –a bus, a sweet shop, a car or perhaps an elephant the only limit is their imagination.

No need to buy expensive fabrics etc as Makedo tools can be used with almost anything – from cardboard boxes to plastic containers, foam packaging to fabric.

Teach your children about creativity and recycling with these fantastic kits from Makedo, where everything you need to build your creations can be found in and around the home!

Reviews for Makedo

Do your family already create fun toys to play with using Makedo?   If so we’d love to know what they made, send us your pictures or comment below.

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