Creative Airwave HD Wireless Speaker

 The Creative Airwave HD Wireless Speaker has many features. We were kindly sent this to review and some of the features include:

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  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 7 Hours of constant music
  • 100% wireless
  • RRP £129.99
  • Available At Amazon UK

Nowadays, many people are using their mobile phones and tablets to store everything from emails to pictures. Now, people are able to store their music libraries on their mobile phones and tablets, and sync them with wireless speakers to play just like a CD player normally would. The speakers come in a variety of colours and are far from bulky, they are sleek and slimline with a perfect base for sitting on any unit.  Despite the fact that these are slim, they pack a big punch.  These give out a high definition (HD) sound, making your favourite tracks sound better than ever.

Ontop of that, the Creative Airwave HD is 100% wireless. Simply tap your Bluetooth device onto the area specified, and you will be able to sync all of your tracks onto your speaker.

To charge, you can use a USB connector to your computer or, alternatively you can charge by using the mains adapter which is provided.

This portable speaker has a built in Li-on battery which mans your Creative Airwave HD is truly portable. It’s easy to check the battery levels with voice prompts and the speaker LED which alerts you when you are on a low battery. Not only that but you can even charge your battery via s standard micro USB connection or using the including power adapter. The battery should last for 7 full hours of non stop music.

Creative have even made it more hi-tech by giving you the ability to turn your speaker into a loudspeaker for any calls you have on your mobile phone. The Airwave HD even has a built in microphone making sound quality at both your end, and the callers end, clear as a bell!

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