Crock-Pot Stoneware Slow Cooker

Breville Crock PotUndertheChristmasTree were delighted to receive this Crock-Pot Stoneware Slow Cooker and as our eldest member we handed this over to Elaine to put it through it’s paces, which she was delighted to do. The Crock Pot features:

  • 3 Heat Settings
  • 3.5 Litre
  • Removeable Ceramic Bowl

This is what she had to say about it.”After opening the strong cardboard box and removing the crockpot I was surprised and delighted to see that 3 utensils had also been included, as well as the owners guide. The owners guide not only gives instructions for use but includes a selection of useful recipes, the salmon and parmesan casserole tickled my tastebuds,and also contains the guarantee. I was delighted that the slow cooker was in salsa red, it looked fantastic in my kitchen and the black crockpot inside will look fantastic on the table.

I consider a slow cooker to be an essential piece of kitchen equipment and one that I’d be happy to use often. I opted to make one of my family’s favourite meals, chicken curry and set too chopping up the chicken. Having read the instructions first, I poured in my tikka masala sauce (shop bought because I was in a rush to get the cooking started) and turned the dial to the ‘high’ setting. After chopping up some tomatoes, an apple and a little extra garlic,I added a handful of sultanas; I feel that adding these extras makes my sauce just a little different.

The slow cooker has 3 heat settings –

  • Low which is perfect for when you can leave food cooking all day
  • High gives a much faster cook time ( 1hour on high is equivelent to 2 hours on low)
  • Keep Warm which is only to keep your food warm until you’re ready to serve

Breville Crock-Pot & Breville Official Logo
As it was later in the day before I got started and the family wanted it for dinner I set the temperature on the high setting, in no time at all the chicken was cooking nicely – keep the lid on as the temperature will quickly drop and it’ll take a while to get it back up to heat.

As I was cooking a curry my crock pot was only half full but next time I’m going to try a casserole styled meal and add all the vegetables making sure it’s filled to the top. I cooked my basmati rice and rinsed it with cold water to remove the remaining starch and drained out all the water. I tend to make the rice fairly early so that I know it’s ready and once rinsed and drained I put it into a microwaveable dish and reheat it when it’s required – no rushing around at the last minute trying to get it ready and it’s served nice and hot.

When the family finally got seated at the table I took through the curry still in the crock-pot, (its colour and design make it perfect for tableware-another big plus) and placed it onto a heat resistant mat, as the crockpot gets hot it’s not adviseable to put it directly onto a wooden table as it may well damage your table, served up the hot rice from the microwave and took the naan breads from the oven where I’d been heating them up, through to the table.

Breville Crock-Pot Chicken Curry

The curry was delicious, it was obvious from the empty pot that everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. The chicken pieces held their shape and simply fell apart in your mouth, all of the tastes combined and as the lid hadn’t been during the cooking process none of the liquid had been lost.

Would I recommend this Crockpot slow cooker? Yes without any qualms, (just wait until they want it returned to the office  -they’ll have to prise it from my hands) I loved how easy it was to use, nothing stuck to the bottom of the stoneware cooking pot so I had no pots to scrub, (apparently that’s a first for me) just a quick wipe over and it was clean. I feel that this would be ideal if you’re out working all day, you could load it up, turn it on to the Low setting and head off to work knowing that a hot meal will be waiting for you when you get home.”

Reviews for the Crock-Pot SCV400 Stoneware Slow Cooker

Do you already have this brilliant slow cooker? Get in touch below and tell us if you like it as much as Elaine did, why not share your favourite slow cooker recipes with our readers.


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