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Darth Vader Joins The Muppets

Disney Parks have just revealed that there is going to be a crossover between Star Wars and Cars, Star Wars and The Muppets and Star Wars and Vinylmation. Ricky Brigante of Inside the Magic, wrote that the Disney Consumer Products and Design Group have revealed designs at a Collector Panel.It has also been suggested that there will be different character pairings as collectible cards.

The crossovers for the Star War/Cars is: Lightning McQueen as Luke Skywalker, Mater as Dath Vader, Tractor as Stormtrooper, Sally as Princess Leila, and Luigi and Guido together as C-3PO and R2-D2. It was also announced that Fillmore will be Yoda and there will also be a Star Wars/Cars toy.

The Star Wars/Muppets crossover toys will feature Uncle Deadly as Emperor Palpatine, Gonzo as Darth Vader and Chicken as Storm Trooper. In the Star Wars/Vinylmation toys (mini Mickey Mouse-shaped vinyl figurine) will include a 3″ Admiral Ackbar, a 9″ Jabba the Hutt and a 1.5″ Salacious Crumb.

Which one of these crossovers are you looking forward to the most?

Star Wars/Cars
Star Wars/Muppets
Star Wars/Vinylmation

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