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Dear Prince Charles and Camilla …

Dear Prince Charles and Camilla,

With the imminent arrival of your first grandchild we thought you may both be interested in these fun suggestions

Eruptions happen regularly (from both ends) – please don’t wear your Savile Row suit when changing your new grandchild.

Take care when picking the royal baby up – his/her crown may not be correctly balanced and may well fall off.

A selection of silver spoons would make a great gift as they don’t tarnish in the dishwasher.

Get a correctly fitted baby seat put into the Bentley for official functions.

As your grandchild grows up make sure that the house/palace is baby proofed and nothing breakable is left lying around

Get silly – babies love to laugh; don’t be afraid to get down on the floor (as long as you can get back up again!) and play some silly games

Don’t forget the Royal ‘we’ will be wet

Sitting on the throne has altogether another meaning

Don’t try to upstage the other grandparents.

Congratulations on becoming grandparents

from: all the team @ underthechristmastree.co.uk

Do you have any fun tips you’d like to give to Prince Charles and Camilla as first time grandparents?

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