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Dear Santa – please bring batteries!

In the hustle and bustle of a busy working life trying to get on top of the Christmas shopping is a job in itself.

There’s the Christmas Lists to check so that you get the “right thing” or they’ll be left disappointed and the ‘only one who didn’t get the ………’ said through a flood of tears.

So, with all good intentions you hit the shops or wait till your little darlings are fast asleep and get out the laptop and shop late into the night.

At last it’s done!  You can rest easy in your bed knowing that all you need to do now is relax and wait for all your shopping to arrive safely at your home ready for wrapping and for Santa to deliver.

Christmas morning dawns and they’ve excitedly ripped open their packages to find that good old Santa did it again this year and brought exactly what they wanted.

Now the rush is on to get dressed and try out their new Laptop, Tablet, Remote Controlled whatever – they can’t wait!

Back in a jiffy – if only they could dress so quickly on a school morning – ready to take their gift from it’s packaging for a detailed examination.

It’s all looking good, you’ve heard the merits of it over and over and you’re so pleased that they are happy, then comes the glum face and the cry – Muuum, Daaaad, have you got batteries that will fit this – it won’t work without them?

Did you forget to get the batteries?, Were they, in fact, the last thing on your mind when you were shopping? . Did you think they would come with the toy you’ve just spent over £100 on?

Does it drive you mad that after all their excitement they’re left feeling disappointed all because batteries were not included?

Should the manufacturers include them?  We think so!  Do you?

Let us know what you think below.

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