Dieters Dream?

Are you struggling to lose the last of your baby weight while running around after your new baby?

There’s never enough minutes in the day to think about counting calories and you’re more than happy to grab whatever’s in the fridge and have a few minutes to yourself.

You’re struggling to feed the family and count calories at the same time as you try to shift the last of your baby weight.

Nobody ever said losing weight was easy but when time is limited and you have meals to make for the family, its almost impossible to find time to make a low calorie meal for yourself.

Could this pizza be the answer to all your prayers? We know that almost everyone loves a pizza but they are usually loaded with calories – not what you need when you’re trying to lose a few pounds.

However, a professor of human nutrition has billed the Eat Balanced Pizza as the world’s healthiest pizza. Claimed to be better for you than a salad this healthy pizza comes in three flavours and according to the professor the only ready meal that is nutritionally balanced.

Incorporating ground seaweed and red pepper into its base and sauce it contains all 47 of the nutrients we need.

The Eat Balanced Pizza which has been available in Scotland for several months has gone on sale in England and Wales this week so ditch the salad and grab yourself a pizza for tea. At around £3.50 they are a bit more expensive than your regular shop pizza.

Dieters should limit themselves to 2 of these 9 inch pizza’s per day.

Read more of this Daily Mail article Here 

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