Dig A Moat Or Install CCTV? How Do You Keep Your Home Safe?

Christmas Home DoorOur home is much more than just a house, it’s the place we rush back too, it’s where we can relax and be ourself. It’s our sanctuary from the outside world, our home is where we feel our most comfortable and safe.

Unfortunately there are those who would break into our home and ransack our homes leaving us feeling insecure in the very place that was our refuge. Apart from digging a moat around the house and hiring an armed security officer to patrol the grounds what can we do to secure our property from potential break ins?

Firstly we should re-assess our home security (if we even have some!) ideally we’d all like somebody to watch over our home day and night but unfortunately for most of us that’s not a option.

However, since 24 hour private surveillance is not an option perhaps one of the new DIY CCTV systems that are on the market could be the answer to our home security problems.

UndertheChristmasTree spoke to General Manager of Hadrian Technology, Gary Trotter, who said “CCTV systems are a powerful form of deterrent from potential thieves and can help home and business owners relax when they leave their premises.”

We were delighted when Gary offered us one of their latest home security DIY system to put it through it’s paces – this is what we found:

As senior member of the team and the only one of us that knows their way around a screwdriver, John was given the task of installing the Hadrian DIY CCTV kit.

hadrian cctv

After reading the instructions and removing it from the box, John said “this system appears to be easy to install and doesn’t require loads of technical know-how to get it set up.

I was impressed by the fact that it was suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and I can already see the advantages of using one of these CCTV systems to deter intruders. Just the sight of a security camera will act as a visual deterrent to intruders, burglars and vandals, who would think twice before approaching your property.

The kit came with four colour eye ball style cameras, built-in infrared, four 20 metre cables, a power supply, and a four channel digital recorder. The system has a 500 gb hard drive and can collect up to a month’s footage on each camera, now we can relax when we head off on holiday knowing our home will be secure and since we can stream the footage to our smart phones, laptops and tablet, it’s like we’re always there, (plus I can see what the cats are up to when we’re out!)

hadrian cctv cameras

Finally I have to say I really was impressed with this DIY CCTV system from Hadrian Technology and for those who are a little unsure about linking to their monitoring device Hadrian offer a free service where an team member will visit and link it up.

I particularly like the fact that everything I needed to set up the security system was all in one box and knowing that my family and home are protected gives me great peace of mind.

The Hadrian DIY kit is a good value option for those on a budget and I was impressed by it’s quick and easy installation process – this is certainly something I will seriously consider as part of my own home security.”

If you would like more information about the Hadrian DIY CCTV kit visit

Would you consider a DIY CCTV system as part of your home security? Get in touch below and tell us how you protect your home

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