Ding Dong! Let The Christmas Supermarket Wars Commence!

Every year we are faced with an array of Christmas advertisements from supermarkets to entice us to shop with them, (because of this, each year we look at the television and get hungry straight away!) It may only just be August but already the Supermarket wars have begun after some fighting talk from M&S!

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According to Steve Rowe (Executive Director of food & 25 year M&S veteran), 1 in 4 people buy their Christmas turkey from Marks & Spencers because the quality at M&S is ‘apparently’ better than their rivals at Aldi or Lidl.

Speaking to Reuters, Rowe said:

“People are happily going in to buy some basic items from Aldi and then coming to us for their top-up items.  If you want something special, you don’t go to Aldi or Lidl.  If you want to make sure your turkey at Christmas is the best, you come to me”

It’s also important to point out that whilst Marks & Spencer is popular, the store has suffered a decline in sales over recent years.

Asda has also released a statement announcing a 0.5% increase in sales over the second quarter of 2014 and are hoping to continue this growth over Christmas.  Asda’s boss Andy Clarke said:  “(we are) expecting to get growth, but it will be very challenging”. “Some people will win more than others”

As Asda stated last year – ‘Christmas doesn’t happen by magic’ so will they try and spread a little merryment to help entice us back to it’s stores? If it’s xmas tree crumpets are anything to go by we think yes!

While Asda is playing it safe, it seems that M&S are not.

Do we detect a little bit of fighting talk from M&S?  Over to you Aldi & Lidl!

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