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Dinkee Linkee Kids

The children of Rose Court Primary School in Leeds have a great reason to celebrate before the arrival of the annual school holidays.

Rose Court pupils have invented new question cards for Dinkee Linkee, a new version of Linkee, just for kids.

Children aged between 5 and 7 saw their ideas in print for the first time when co-inventor Dean Tempest visited the school to thank them for their contributions.

Schools across the UK were invited to invent 1,000 child friendly questions for Dinkee Linkee and each card created will carry the name of it’s writer along with the name of the school.

Outsized replicas of the cards were given to the young question masters as a thank you for their efforts.

Rose Court, deputy head, Anne Campbell said: “It’s been fun and thought provoking for the children who worked out for themselves how to go about it.

Year two pupil, Hannah Taylor, added: “At the beginning we found it hard but then we chose the category and write lots of questions and the clue.  We’d like to work on more cards.”

Dean Tempest said: “Linkee isn’t written by boffins in a library.  It’s written by real people to make the questions more fun and relevant.

Who better to write a game for kids, than kids?”

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