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Disney Toys Come To Life?

Disney have announced they are teaming up with toy company JAKKS Pacific and Patrick Soon-Shiong to help bring Disney toys to life! By ‘bringing to life’, we of course mean, an app!

Soon-Shiong’s Nantworks company and JAKKS have together developed an app which can be downloaded on tablets, phones and other media devices.

So how does it work? basically, when the camera is turned on, one of over 1000 preset animations will appear to be living in the real world through the media device. Expect to see fairies flying out of buildings and creatures playing instruments!

With the whole world obsessed with apps, this seems like the perfect way to keep young children entertained throughout 2013.

Lars Gjoerup, Joint Group Managing Director of Top-Toy says;- “It brings added value to a toy, and kids will love it, The toy will create an emotional attachment.”

Soon-Shiong said;- “Technology can help people live better, work better, play better. This is the way they will play better.”

Will your children be playing Dream Play?

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