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Do You Believe in Fairies? -The Irish Fairy Door Company Do!

We were delighted when The Irish Fairy Door Company got in touch with us and asked if we’d like to invite a fairy into our offices – naturally we jumped at the chance! We were kindly sent this to review.

The Irish Fairy Door Christmas gift 2015

In next to no time a stylish box appeared giving us a quick look at the red door which is just waiting for a fairy to come along and with the small silver key supplied to open the door and set up home.

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These quality doors not only look great, they also quickly ignite children’s imaginations (and a few adults too!). What’s even better they can be placed either inside or outside the home and wherever you choose to place them you can guarantee that a little piece of fairy magic will be included.

Handcrafted in Ireland the fairy doors are available in a range of colours ready to inspire children and adults alike around the world, each sprinkled with a little magic ready for a fairy to move in and come and go between our world and Fairyland.

Included along with our Red Fairy Door was a Fairy Welcome Guide, a Fairy Notepad, three stepping stones, as well as the key, safely housed in it’s glass holder, and the Family/Fairy Lease Agreement.

The irish fairy door accessories

The Family/Fairy Lease Agreement is a very important document which must be signed by all members of the family and left out at night for the fairy to sign too. This document contains a list of rules and regulations that both families and fairies need to live by so that they can live a long and happy life together.

Do you believe in Fairies? Then pick a very special place whether inside or outside of your home to put your fairy door, don’t forget to put out the stepping stones and leave the glass encased magic key beside the door. Once installed don’t forget to register your fairy name on the online fairy workplace log who will send a fairy to it’s new home. If the magic key is no longer there then your fairy has arrived and has moved in to their new home!

From now on the small silver key is the property of the Fairy who must be able to come and go as required, and so the magic really begins.

The Irish Fairy Door Company is all about bringing children (and adults too) magical moments and lighting the spark to their imagination. Children will love leaving notes and pictures from their Fairies. The “Magical Matters” tab on the website is where a weekly blog is published and stories and interactive activities are uploaded regularly. Fairy Doors can also help children who have trouble communicating open up during difficult times.

Inspire someone’s imagination with a quality, handmade Fairy Door from the Irish Fairy Door Company.

Fun and exciting, this would make a great present come Christmas or perhaps on the run up to the festive season too.

Do you believe in Fairies? Share your thoughts below.

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