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Do You Find Long Haul Flights Boring?

Do you find long haul flights boring?

You’ve book a holiday to a destination which requires a long haul flight. You get on the flight, the excitement of getting on the plane, the take off, looking at any magazines, book etc you have bought and you’ve taken a look at the in-flight entertainment and then you realise you are only 2 hours into your 7 hour flight.

So what can you do to stop getting bored? What do airlines offer to keep you occupied? Yes there are some films to choose from but what if you’ve seen them or you’re just not in the mood to watch them? What if the kids have watched the in-flight film already they are getting restless?

When UnderTheChristmasTree went to Toronto Canada, we knew it was going to be a a long flight, 7 hrs and 15 minutes give or take. We thought we’d be prepared by taking some books, magazines etc as well as watching the in-flight films/tv shows to more or less go take up the whole time of the flight. So after we got on the plane, and and we took off, we talked for a while, read our magazines/books, watch a couple of things on the in-flight services but then we had nothing to do! We still had around 2-3 hours left on the flight and when you can’t really get up and wander around, you tend to get restless and a little bored.

So we ask the question, what do you want airlines to offer to keep you occupied on a long-haul flight. Is there an airline which you have used a long-haul flight for which has kept you occupied? Comment below and let us know

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