Do You Have to Work on Christmas Day?

While we are at home happily surrounded by a pile of torn wrapping paper and already munching our way through a mountain of chocolates as the kids get more and more excited, there are those who got up from bed at their usual time, put on their work clothes, and grabbed a quick cup of coffee before heading out to work.

What do you do when you turn your oven on to cook the turkey and nothing happens? No bright light to let you know it’s heating up and that awful feeling as your stomach hits the floor.

Fortunately many electricians and plumbers offer a Christmas Day call out service – yep it’s going to cost you but it’s Christmas Day and you know it’ll be worth it.

For some December 25th is the busiest and most lucrative day of the year. Think about the number of taxis you see ferrying party goers around and since animals don’t know it’s Christmas, farmers the length and breadth of the UK will have been out tending to their stock.Many pubs and hotels offer Christmas day lunches, so while you’re tucking in to your turkey and roast potatoes, spare a thought for all the staff who continue to serve everyone and keep a smile on their faces (could that be because they’re getting a higher rate for Christmas day and the tips are great?)

Factories are major employers and many are unable to close and continue to function 365 days a year, unfortunately for those who are scheduled to work on those days, having a day off just isn’t an option

Finally raise a glass to our doctors, nurses, fire and police officers who all do such a stalwart job every Christmas.

Do you have to work on Christmas Day? Get in touch below and tell us how you celebrate.

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