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Do You Know Your Birthstone?

A birthstone is a gemstone that is associated with a month in the Gregorian Calendar. They are often used in personal jewellery like rings or pendants and can be either precious or semi-precious stones.

Each gemstone is considered to be lucky for a particular month when their healing powers are at their height, so if you were born in September your birthstone would be a Sapphire.

Many people choose to buy one of each of the twelve birthstones, wearing each one during the month of its heightened powers.

Birthstones make an ideal gift when celebrating the birth of a baby or when choosing a birthday gift.

When choosing a gift to mark a special occasions many choose to incorporate the stones which are special for a particular day.

These are:

  • Monday: pearl, crystal
  • Tuesday: ruby, emerald
  • Wednesday: amethyst, lodestone
  • Thursday: sapphire, carnelian
  • Friday: emerald, cat’s eye
  • Saturday: turquoise, diamond
  • Sunday: topaz, diamond

Do you wear a birthstone?  Get in touch below and tell us how it has helped make you lucky.

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