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Do you only smile 7 time’s a day?

New Survey shows average adult only smiles seven times a day and some only smile once – are you one of them?

Have you smiled at all today? can you count the number of time’s you did smile today? and more to the point was it a ‘grin and bear it’ smile or a genuine happy smile?

According to a new survey by the company BlanX the average adult only smiles seven times a day and one of those is a fake smile.

BlanX spokesperson Louise Marks said:

‘When our lover flashes us a big, bright white, toothy smile it just melts our hearts, our research has found. We love smiles from our kids and family too but it is when the one we love breaks out into a smile that we just can’t help but get all gooey.

‘We don’t smile as much as we thought the UK would, an average of seven and a half times each every day. That’s not a lot when you think about how many people we come in contact with every day”

‘The one thing that did come out of the survey though, is that a genuine, big smile from someone we care about has the power to transform our day no matter what kind of mood we are in.’

The survey results also showed even the chirpiest of people only smile on average eleven times and with the grumpiest only smiling once a day – turn your frown upside down.

When you think about how much happiness you receive when someone does smile at you, why don’t we smile more often? is it due to pressure of life? getting into the habit of smiling instead of frowning? or are your teeth just not as white as you would like? If the last point is your issue then Blanx can help you out!

Blanx has just released its new version of whitening toothpaste – BlanX White Shock formula LED which is designed to whiten from the first application and the more you smile the brighter the teeth are.

So lets get our pearly white choppers out, give them a good old brushing and get Britain beaming again!

How many times have you smiled today? do you smile more or less than 7 times a day? does your family smile a lot? Comment using our comments box below:

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