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Does the Christmas Wish List set your teeth on edge?

How deep are Santa’s pockets going to be to cope with this year’s kids wish lists?

As toys become more and more high tech they become more and more expensive – it’s an increasingly expensive vicious circle that parents have no option but to join.

Now that Christmas adverts are being shown regularly on TV what’s on your child’s wish list?   Is it just a case of I want one of them, when they don’t even know what they are or are your children a bit older and more precise?

Toddlers and preschool children are fairly easy to buy for, usually they want everything they see on TV but have forgotten what that was by the time the next toy comes along.

Favourite characters from TV such as Abney and Teal are normally high on their lists but apart from that it’s easy and relatively in expensive to fill their stocking with puzzles, games and books.

As they get older and put under pressure from other children at school to have particular toys the Christmas list gets increasingly longer and much more expensive.

Lists that include tablets, mobile phones, game stations, electronic toys etc can be costly, especially when there’s more than one to spoil, all of which adds to the pressure on parents to deliver and in this economic climate it’s becoming increasingly harder to find the funds

We all want to give our children what they want, especially at Christmas but does it have to come at such a cost?

Many parents, in an effort to ensure that their children get those “must have” gifts are increasingly turning to their credit cards to fund their Christmas shopping bill and with added monthly interest they could still be paying for this years toys long after they’ve gone out of fashion or are confined to the back of a cupboard.

So, how do you cope with your kids Christmas Wish List? Will you be buying off of your child’s wish List? Comment us using our comments box below.

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