Does your 8 year old own all of these?

Does your 8 year old own all the top gadgets?

Research for Gadget Show Live Christmas shows that under 10’s own mobiles, consoles and cameras.

A survey of over 1,000 parents shows that being 8 years old must be the best age to be a kid because by then they will own most of the list below

  • Mobile phone – 49% of kids have one the average age being around 9 yrs.
  • MP3 Player – average age 8+
  • TV – 8+
  • Digital Camera 8+
  • Laptop 8+
  • Games Console 7+

Marketing manager for the Gadget Show Live Christmas, Sally Bent said: “Connecting with technology is second nature to kids nowadays.

“Babies playing with mobile phones, toddlers swiping their index fingers across tablets and tweens glued to their portable games consoles are common, everyday occurrences, so it’s not surprising that more and more parents are feeling comfortable about giving their kids access to technology at a relatively young age.”

Read the full article from Toy News.

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