Does your child play too many video games?

Are you concerned by the amount of time your child spends playing video games?

Hasbro commissioned a research that revealed that 27% of British parents think their under 18’s play too many games.

At this time of year around 54% of children are expected to add a list of their favourite video games to their Christmas wish list.

What worries you most about these games – is the huge cost or is the content?

We are told that children learn from experience and if that experience comes from one of the latest games – well do we really need to ask the question?

Does your son/daughter talk about their game exploit rather than what’s been happening in the ‘real world’?

Parents worry constantly about cost and video games are far from cheap – not only that they don’t look like much of a present when wrapped, sending you off in search of something bulkier to add to their pile.

However, don’t despair; this is the best time of year to get everyone together and have fun playing a family board game.

There’s such a wide range of board games available, such as Drumond Park’s Best of TV & Movies or Ideal’s Telestrations, that you’re sure to find one that’s just right for your family.

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