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DR Beckmann Exclusive: A Guide To Removing Christmas Drink Stains

We all know we get over excited as Christmas comes around and that we should be more careful when it comes to our drinks however when we mix together booze, laughter and some “outstanding” dancing spillages are bound to happen. 

UK’s Cleaning expert Dr. Beckmann, shares key advice on how to banish boozy blemishes below.

Whenever Christmas, booze and over excitement are combined, you can be sure that stains won’t be far behind.

In preparation for another big party season, here’s a quick guide to the stains you can expect to see and how to remove them quickly, easily and without blowing your beer money.

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Mulled Wine – This classic festive tipple tastes great, but the dark colour can soak deep into fabrics and prove difficult to get out. But don’t worry Dr Beckmann Stain Devils will do the hard work in just three minutes so you don’t have to.

Dr. Beckmann’s Stain Devils Tea Red Wine & Fruit Juice

Liquor – Whether you drink ‘em neat or with a mixer, it really would be a Christmas miracle if it stays in its glass while you boogie to Slade. But be prepared for when the inevitable occurs by stocking up on this which, despite the name, is great at tackling gin and vodka stains.

Devils Ballpoint Ink & Felt-Tip

Eggnog – The only thing not to love about this creamy, boozy ensemble is the unsightly brown marks it can leave if spillages occur. But worry not – you can quaff this one safe in the knowledge that this will rescue your clothes in times of need.

Stain Devils Cooking Oil & Fat

Hot Chocolate with Baileys – This winter warmer is just the trick after a long walk in the snow, but a nightmare if it ever escapes the mug – the combination of chocolate with sticky Baileys can be tough to clean… unless you use this which is specially designed to tackle the oily stain.

Stain Devils Pizza, Pasta & Curry Sauce

And remember, if it spills, it stains, so if you’re tipple isn’t on the above list then be sure to download the Stain Devils App. It’s free to download and in just three taps of your smartphone you’ll know which Stain Devil is right for your needs and have it delivered to your door first-class for £1.99 – cheaper than anywhere else.

For more information on Dr.Beckmann and stain collections please visit: Dr Beckmann

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