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Dragons Den’s Peter Jones Predicts Accentuate Game To Top Christmas Lists This Year

Dragons Den star Peter Jones predicts Accentuate the game where you try your hand at different accents will be this years top selling game.

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Playing Accentuate is simple – do the accent you are given and let your team guess what it is, sounds easy? WRONG! especially after a few mulled wines!

This hillarious game will show just how good and bad you are at doing accents and in the 30 second time limit you have to guess (if you can stop laughing) your team can win mega points.

Accentuate Game Dragons Den 2015 Christmas

UnderTheChristmasTree tried and tested Accentuate game in 2014 you can watch our video and see how to play here: Accentuate Video and Review.

We’d love to hear Peter Jones do his best Jamaican accent!

What accent do you think you can do well? Share your thoughts and comments below.

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