Dream Toys Makeover

Everyone waits until the end of October to hear all about the ‘dream toys’ of the year.

The Dream Toys are basically a small group of toys which have made it to the top of the ‘wanted’ lists and are recommended to be the most popular toys for Christmas.

This year, the Dream Toys are having a makeover, and instead of being announced at the end of October,  they will be announced on the 6th of November at their annual event, this year being held in St Mary’s Church.

This year, the Dream Toys are going to be highlighting all the toys that made it to the shortlist of 50 and not just the top 12.

“Dream Toys is the most compelling and rigorously chosen of all the top toy lists that are currently issued by retailers in the run up to Christmas.  After a compelling pitch, the Dream Toys committee unanimously agreed on hiring the services of Bastion to re-energise the brand. For Dream Toys 2013, we plan to reinvigorate the brand with an exciting Christmas theme, transporting media and visitors to that first day of Christmas where many children look forward to the toy presents that await them.

The panel has been challenged with selecting a top 50 shortlist and a top ten from that 50. Add to this a range of categories that will encompass all 50 toys and this will give us many more story angles we can offer the media.  For 2014 and beyond, the Dream Toys committee is committed to exploring further options to evolve the brand, as we are committed to keeping Dream Toys the pinnacle event for the Christmas toy market.” said the chairman of the Dream Toys Committee, Gary Grant.

Are you counting down the days until the Dream Toys are announced?

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