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Easy Meals for After School

It is a fact that as soon as kids get home from school they throw the schoolbag into the corner and they want fed –now!

Take the hassle out of their evening meal by preparing ahead then simply reheat and a good nutritious meal is quickly ready for the table.

Below are some of our favourties.

  • Homemade soups are always good to fill them up and along with a piece of crusty bread make a healthy main course.
  • Individual pizza’s are always well received and with everyone having different tastes get them to add their own toppings, serve with a nice crispy salad.
  • Casserole always a favourite with my family and they are so easy to get ready. Add your meat, chopped into cubes (my family like chicken best but equally good is beef, lamb or pork) along with your veg, (carrot,swede,onion, etc) into a big pot of stock and once it’s come to the boil turn it down, add the potatoes in good sized chunks and leave to simmer.  When it’s ready just turn it off and reheat when the kids get home.
  • Pasta is always a big favourite with kids and with such a wide range of sauces available from supermarkets you don’t need to worry if you don’t have time to make your own.  Pre cook your fish or chicken along with any vegetables you may want to add – leeks, peppers, mushrooms and add to cooked pasta.  Put all your ingredients including the sauce into a greased dish, sprinkle with cheese and slices of tomato and it’s ready to put into the oven when they get home.
  • Fish fingers, Chicken Fingers and Vegetable fingers – whichever is their favourite or a mixture of all three, grilled and served with savoury rice and crusty bread.
  • For a tasty sweet why not give them a fresh fruit salad and yoghurt
  • Baked Apples with raisins and honey served with plain yoghurt
  • Home made rice pudding
  • Angel Delight and fresh fruit

All of these a family favourites and not too expensive, they are easy to prepare and can be made ahead of time.

Take the strain out of feeding the family by planning their evening meal ahead of time.

Getting the kids to help by adding their own toppings to pizza’s, stuffing their own pitta bread or making up a tortilla wrap not only keeps them happy it also helps educate them about the food they eat.

This will not only save your sanity but will also give some time to catch up with everyone’s day as the meal is ready to heat and serve.

Have you to tips for preparing meals? Tell us your easy but tasty recipes below using our comments box.

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