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Eat My Lego Shorts

Lego confirmed it will launch a series based on “The Simpsons” family in 2014.

The Danish toy company who is known for Lego sets such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Lego Friends are to release a bunch of sets themed on one of the most popular family’s in the world – The Simpsons!

No characters have yet been confirmed but we can imagine that Homer and Marge will definitely be in there and if we are going to speculate (which we will) we also think Spiderpig has to make an appearance.

Will you be able to change Marge’s hair colour or play Lisa’s saxophone – either way fans of the TV programme will want to get their hand on these toys.

Airing for over 22 years, The Simpsons is a household name both in the UK and America.

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