Everythings Rosie Toys

Rosie is a colourful rag doll who lives in a playhouse with her fun and colourful friends. Every day Rosie and her friends head on an exciting adventure where they learn the true meaning of friendship and with the new range of Everything’s Rosie Toys your little one will feel like they are part of the exciting adventures rosie and friends go on!

When you watch everything’s Rosie on the very popular CBeebies children’s TV channel you will know just how much laughter and fun is had with her and her friends. Everything’s Rosie pre school toys and toddlers toys will include Holly, Daisy Summertime Lily and of course rosie’s best friend Raggles plus lots more!

Fans of everything’s Rosie will not be disappointed with the new range of toys which are being produce by Vivid Imaginations, Early Learning Center and more for both boys and girls aged 3 to 6.

Sweet Dreams Rosie & Raggles Dolls

Cuddle up for the best night’s sleep you’ve had with the soft and interactive Everything’s Rosie Sweet Dreams Rosie & Raggles Dolls. Squeeze Rosie’s tummy which will glow and listen to her sing you a lullaby, she will even close her eyes for some sleep!

Rosie and Raggles Twooter

Head on an exciting journey with Rosie and Raggles Twotter! Featuring sounds and phrases from the hugely popular CBeebie TV programme go and visit some of rosie’s and raggles favourite places!

Suitable for ages 3 and older.

Ring o Rosie

Sing A-Long to with the most famous CBeebies show Everythings rosie Ring o Rosie doll. Squeeze her little hands and hear her sing, let go of them and she will stop singing.

Suitable for ages 2 and older.

My Best Friend Rosie

The new Everyhings Rosie My Best Friend Rosie toy gives out the best cuddles ever! there will be no  wonder why rosie will become your new BFF. Featuring phrases from the TV Programme and sensors to detect when you are near.

These are no longer available.

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