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Exclusive Q & A With Anna Bibby From Eurocamp

Have you decided to go camping this year?  Are you feeling a little apprehensive and are a little unsure as to what to expect when you get there?

We asked Anna Bibby from Eurocamp about commonly forgotten items when camping, as well as are pets allowed on site, what makes camping a good choice for families and lots more.

This is what Anna told us:

“My role covers a variety of support to the Acquisition Manager. I assist with Acquisition marketing, Direct marketing, Social Media, PR, Brochure and video production.

My favourite Eurocamp parcs include: Le Vieux Port, Gascony as it is set in a pine forest, has a great pool complex plus direct access to a gorgeous beach. Also I loved Cala Gogo, Spain as it has direct access to a beautiful beach.” – Anna Bibby

Have you decided to go camping this year but feel unsure about what to expect when you get there? We ask Anna Bibby from Eurocamp about the A-Z of camping; from changing misconceptions to taking pets along and just what makes camping such a good choice for family holidays.

Tell us a bit about what you get up to at Eurocamp

My role covers a variety of marketing activity, including direct marketing, social media, PR, brochure and video production. Eurocamp is celebrating its 40th birthday this year, so we’ve been busy sharing the celebrations with our customers over Facebook and Twitter.

How many Eurocamp parcs are there?

We have 169 parcs to choose from across 12 regions, including France, Spain, Italy, Sardinia, Croatia, Holland, Sicily, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Luxembourg.

Where are your favourite Eurocamp parcs and why?

My favourite Eurocamp parcs include: Le Vieux Port, Gascony as it is set in a pine forest and has a great pool complex. I also love Cala Gogo in Spain as it has direct access to a beautiful beach.

What‘s the most commonly forgotten item when people go camping?

Many of our customers tend to travel by ferry when going on our holidays. This gives them the flexibility to pack their cars full of all the holiday essentials they want and need. However, customers sometimes forget those small but vital things like washing powder or toothpaste. The great thing about holidaying with Eurocamp is that you don’t have to worry too much about forgetting these things as we have helpful couriers on hand and they will certainly be able to point you in the direction of the nearest supermarket, plus we tend to have shops on most parcs too.

If you’re feeling organized, you can always pre-book a toiletries and welcome pack ahead of your trip.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about camping?

That camping is “roughing it” – this is definitely not the case. We offer modern accommodation across our parcs, ranging from contemporary mobile homes with up to three bedrooms and two bathrooms, to adventurous Tree Houses and stylish Safari Tents. All of our accommodation is fully equipped and depending on your choice, could include a microwave, stereo iPod dock, hairdryer, fridge freezer and even a dishwasher!

Are pets allowed on a camp site?

Many Eurocamp parcs allow dogs on parc, so leaving your four-legged friend in kennels while you go on holiday needn’t be your only option.

Your pet will just need a Pets’ Passport that can be obtained from your vet. To find out more, see our website: http://www.eurocamp.co.uk/about/take-your-dog.html

How can families enjoy camping even if it rains?

At Eurocamp we believe in enjoying the great outdoors and many of our parcs can be found in superb locations. Despite this, we’ve created plenty of fun indoor activities to make sure your family has a great time, regardless of the weather

Name the top 5 things you can expect on a holiday with Eurocamp:

1. We charge one price per family, meaning great value (and more spending money!)
2. Our parcs have fantastic pool complexes including twisty tubes and special ‘Splash’ zones
3. Each parc is surrounded by interesting local areas – great for exploring
4. Choose from a wide range of accommodation, including traditional tents, modern mobile homes and unique Tree Houses
5. Great on-site activities such as archery, badminton and football

To book your camping trip and for more information click here: Eurocamp Camping Information

Are you camping this year? What are your camping tips?  Comment below and let us know.

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