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Exercise As You Have Fun with the Family

We all have busy lives and finding an hour a day to exercise often seems an impossible task.

Juggling everyone’s timetable adds to the problem, however it is possible to get together and have fun as you exercise as a family.

If one of the children is staying late at school then why not get everyone else into comfortable shoes and walk to school to meet them.

Get the bikes out and cycle round to visit a relative or family friend – the kids will love it and so will your relative or friend.

Make a day out of a birthday – get up and out to celebrate these special day with a trip to a park, zoo or a water park and have loads of fun – you’ll hardly realise you’re still exercising

If it’s a miserable, wet day and yes, we do have to admit that we get lots of them, why not turn off the telly, put on some music and get dancing with the kids, who’ll have loads of fun laughing at mum and dad bustin’ a few moves.

Still stuck at home? Try indoor sports with a programme such as the Nintendo wii where you can play simulated games including tennis, and ski-ing

If the sun does break through the clouds quickly get together for a game of football in the back garden.

Get friends and their families together for a ‘sports day’ at the local park.

Getting together for some physical pursuits not only exercises our body and help burn those unwanted calories, but it also gives us time to spend having fun with our children.

After all once they’re adults it won’t be how hard you worked,  the new car or huge house they remember but the fun times they had together with all the family.

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