Family Weekend on the Cheap

Do you like many others find it too expensive to treat the family every weekend?

As costs soar and wages seem to buy less and less how can we make the weekend special for all the family without spending a King’s ransom?

We’ve come up with a few money saving suggestions that you might like to try this weekend.

Pick 1 day to make special – we chose Saturday

Make a special breakfast for all the family, lay the table and sit together and chat over your scrambled eggs.

Get everyone into the kitchen to make a quick packed lunch, a sandwich, piece of fruit, a drink and a treat of some sort (not chocolate – it melts everywhere!)

Give them 20 minutes to be at the door, ready to go and head off to your local park or just take them on a nature walk stopping off half way to eat the lunch everyone has in their backpack – don’t forget to put the camera in yours.

Head back home in time for tea.

Once back send all the children to their bedrooms to put on a special outfit – trousers and shirt or a cute dress while you and your partner make a special meal which can be served at the table.

Buy some nibbles such as popcorn, etc and lay them out in the centre of the sitting room for later.

Make sure to decorate the table as you would for visitors, remembering the wine glasses for the alcohol free wine for the kids and the real stuff for adults.

Head upstairs and put your glad rags on as if you’re heading out somewhere special.

If you have family close at hand why not include them in and get them to bring a sweet or starter for everyone.

Rent of buy a DVD that you know the whole family are aching to watch and once the table is cleared head off to the sitting room to watch the movie where snacks are ready to nibble as required.

Once the DVD is over, switch the TV off and turn on the stereo, put on your favourite ‘disco style’ music and get everyone up to dance.

Make it even more special for the children by allowing them to stay up well past bedtime.

Everyone will have an amazing night, one that they will tell all their friends about on Monday at school and you’ll be amazed at how little this fun day has cost.

Do you have any suggestions for a relatively cheap fun day for all the family? Get in touch we’d love to hear them.

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