Fast And Furious Scalextric Sets

Everyone wishes they had a fast car like the ones from the Fast and Furious films, now you can have your very own car with the soon to be released Fast & Furious Scalextric Sets.

The geniuses from Hornby are set to release these larger than life sets in May of 2013 which is just in time for the release of Fast & Furious 6.

“The Fast & Furious films are known for their impressive range of cars and the characters’ racing skills,”  said Paul Chandler, Marketing Manager at Hornby Hobbies Ltd.

“We are looking forward to providing fans the opportunity to take their own piece of the action home, to recreate the fast paced races in their front room.”

In 2011, Fast and Furious 5 took in more than $600 million at the global box office so you can expect fans of the movies will want to get their hands on these cars, we just wonder if a mini Vin Diesel character will come with it?

Are you a Fast and Furious fan? Are you looking forward to the new Scalextric sets? Comment using our comments box below.

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