Fast Sunday Sizzling Salad Recipe

Sunday’s are not for working your fingers to the bone or spending all of your time in the kitchen preparing meals for the family, it is about spending time with your loved ones and more to the point kicking off those shoes and putting your feet up!

Do you feel that every Sunday time seems to slip so fast and before you know it all you have done is clean and now it’s time to head to the kitchen to prepare a family dinner?

Our easy Sunday sizzling salad recipe is so simple and quick you wont even have time to pour a glass of something tasty… so make sure and do that first!

Open Sandwich and Salad:

Step 1) Buy a lovely looking tiger loaf/baguette or even just bread and ask everyone what type of topping they would like. You could either have:

  • Boiled Egg
  • Cheese savory
  • Cooked meat/cold meat
  • For vegetarian’s: Quorn style ham, chicken slices or even cook some Quorn fillets

Step 2) Once you have cut the tiger loaf and put on fillings, its time to prepare the salad. Grate some carrot, shred some lettuce, add a few spring onions, peppers and even tomatoes and you are done!

Step 3) Boil up some new potatoes and add or even a baked potato as these do not take long to cook.

Step 4) Put on place and serve up! not only does it look and taste great, this meal is also super healthy and will fill you right up.

Quick, fun and tasty exactly what you would want for a Sunday night dinner.

What are you having for Sunday dinner? Do you like cooking in the kitchen? Let us and other know by commenting in our comments box below:

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