Father’s Day Breakfast/Brunch Ideas

One thing we all know – Dad’s love a good hearty breakfast/brunch so let’s start the special day by showing your Dad just how much you do love him with a hand-made brunch.

Everything from sizzling omelette, fancy french toast to a full fry up with all the trimmings, brunch is a perfect way to start his day off.

Take a look below to see our top 5 ideas for brunch.

1) Full Fry Up with all the extra trimmings. It’s not just dad’s who love a good old fashioned fry up but everyone in the family too. Start his day off with eggs, bacon, sausage, french toast, beans and basically whatever else you can fit onto the plate. If you are a vegetarian swap all meaty products to a meat free substitute.


If your child want’s to help why not get them to butter the toast, make a smiley face on the plate or even just help you carry it all through to the table.

2) Omelette’s.  This classic dish will show just how much you care for dad as you can put just about everything and anything into an omelette – From classic cheese to a sweet filled with bananas, the combinations and ideas are endless.


3) Pancakes – The ultimate indulgence.  We know you can’t have pancakes every day however when it’s a special day/occasion making your favourite sweet pancake can be lots of fun.  Get your kids to ask throughout the week what dad’s favourite fruit/sweet/sauce is and buy it all in.  Once made get your child to make what they think dad looks like by using the ingredients.


4) Fruit Salad.  Get your bowls of fruit set out on the table, buy an array of different flavored yogurts and for an extra treat why not crush up some oat biscuits to put on top.


5) French Toast.  This french fancy can be made up and served with maple syrup, eggs, bacon or even fruit.  A lovely change from the usual and would make your dad’s day a treat!


Who else is feeling rather hungry?  Have you got something planned for Sunday?  Tell us and share your thoughts below.

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