FDA Warns Parents Against Toys With Lasers

A new warning has been released by the FDA – Food and Drugs Administration – to warn parents about the dangers of letting their children play with toys that have lasers.

In recent years, children have been playing with toys that have lasers, and while there has been speculation in the past about how lasers can affect your eyesight, nothing much has been said about it, until now.

The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) are warning parents that lasers could potentially damage children’s eyesight, and in severe cases, may even cause blindness if not used carefully.

Children are notorious for playing wildly with toys and being less than careful with them, and while parents can monitor this, they cannot be there constantly, meaning toys with lasers are potentially very dangerous to our children.

Dan Hewett, health promotion officer at the FDA’s Center For Devices and Radiological Health said;-

“A beam shone directly into a person’s eye can injure it in an instant, especially if the laser is a powerful one,”

Meaning not only are the people using the toy in danger, but so are any surrounding children or adults.  Another issue about laser eye damage is the fact that it is not always obvious at first, as usually there are no symptoms, however, the eyesight could start to deteriorate over time.

With such a risk to our childrens health, its a wonder laser toys are still available to buy!

Would you let your children play with toys with lasers?

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