Fijit Friends


Cute, Squishy and what’s more each of these interactive Fijit Friends have their very own personality. Each fijit always want to chat and make you giggle and with voice recognition where they recognize over 30 keywords and respond with over 150 built in phrases.

Just like any little child fijit friends love to dance! Play your music and watch your fijit friend boogie on down! Featuring built-in beat sensors allow your new BFF to react to different styles of music from slow songs – to lively pop tracks. Get your dancing shoes on and join in with all the fun as they rock, twirls and bounces to the beat!

Created by Girl Tech and Mattel there are 4 interactive fijit friends to collect Willa, Serafina, Logan and Sage. Suitable toy for ages 6 and older they recognize both UK and Irish accents.

Fijit Friends Willa, Serafina, Sage and Logan

Do you love to be on trend? Well so does Fijit Friend Willa! She is fun, stylish and is always up on what’s new! Willa who is purple was created by a gooey science experiment was brought to life by music – Just like all the Fijits.

Are you a child who loves everything pink? So does Serafina who is simply adorable! Her aim is to make you happy and when you play games she want everyone to win. Serafina fijit friend comes in her favourite colour Pink!

Have you got a “lets go” attitude and like exploring and discovering new things? So does Sage who is a green colour. Just like all fijit friends Sage will talk, dance, respond to you and do lots of other fantastic things!

Love everything to do with outdoors and hi-tech gadgets? So does Fijit Friend Logan who will be your favourite. Logan is very loyal, loves animals and will always cheer on you when playing games!

These are no longer available.

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