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Finger Whips Scoot Park

Whip your fingers into a frenzy with the new Finger Whips Scoot Park which we were kindly sent and which features:

  • 2 Mini scooters
  • 2 Unique ramps
  • Not available in single sets
  • Extendable with other lines
  • Accessories

Perform amazing finger charged stunts with the die-cast micro stunt scooters in the Scoot Park.

The Finger Whips Scoot Park (SRP £14.99), includes two mini scooters in all new colourways and two unique ramp styles, not available in single sets, and is the quickest way to start building the scoot park experience. Including a central connecting ramp, the Finger Whips Scoot Park is easily extended with other lines available in the range. The range also features a limited edition gold Finger Whips scooter for die-hard fans to collect!

Connect all the ramps together using the plastic connectors supplied and make your own scoot park.  These nifty finger scooters come with heaps of accessories including stickers, wrench tools, spare sets of wheels and 2 spare sets of coordinating colour handlebar grips for total customization and are fully compatible with others in the range.

Suitable for age 6+, your finger whipping fan will be able to perform cool stunts including

Just like the real stunts, you can replicate those used in actual stunt scootering and can be connected together using plastic connectors (supplied) to make a scoot park., putting your scoot skills to the test.

Finger Whips Scoot Park Reviews

We’d love to hear about your skills as a finger whipping stunt wizard – get in touch below we’d love to hear them using our easy comment box below.

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