First clip for Pixar’s Toy Story short film – Partysaurus Rex

Disney release first clip for Pixar’s Toy Story short film – Partysaurus Rex.

The first film clip for Pixar’s newest Toy Story short film Partysaurus Rex has been released online and he really is one grooving, moving Dino!

The clip features Rex the dinosaur making some new friends with Bonnie’s bath toys where he then “encounters a sad lot of rub-a-dub-dub cohorts.”¬† Rex starts a party with his new friends after all of the water in the bath tub has drained – This dinosaur certainly knows how to party!

After all of the bath water has gone the party seems to becoming to a stop however if somebody with arms could just turn that bathwater back on then the boogying can begin all over again.

Rex as he’s the only one with toy limbs put his strong arms to good use and turns the water back on which then leads to an underwater, bubble filled toy party.¬†Complete with glow in the dark toys who make the disco lights Rex and the gang can really start to have a good time.

Take a look at the new clip below….

Making a real splash the new short film will be attached to the 3D Finding Nemo re-release which is due out later this year on September 14th.

Featuring four new characters who are: whale, rubber duck, bubbles and sailor. The whale can only say muffled words – due to the fact he has a tap in his mouth which actually looks like one big tooth… or is that just us?

Rubber duck looks like he knows how to have a good time and what’s bath time without some bubbles.

The music you can hear in the clip and if you are like us are already tapping your foot and doing some strange dancing moves is the new sample music composed by electronica artist BT which has been specifically designed for the Partysaurus Rex short film.

We love how Rex is trying to make new friends and re invent himself – he will be the life and soul of any party!

Families are all going to love watching this short film together.  You will be toe tapping all the while your little one learns about coming out of their shell.

Will you be going to see the new animated short toy story film? Comment in our Comment box below…

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