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First Day at School Nerves

Your little one is about to make their first big step into education as he/she enters the door for the first day at school.

The question is – Who’s feeling worse?

Who will shed most tears as they let go of your hand in the playground and turn to give you a wave as they head indoors for the first time?

As a mum of three I’m pretty sure I’ve got that answered covered – You will – of course!!!

You’ve ironed the new school uniform and it’s hanging on the wardrobe door ready for the morning when they’ll head off to school.  The excitement of buying all their new school clothes has worn off and now it’s crunch time you are much more nervous than they are.

It seems no time at all since you brought them home from maternity hospital and now they’re ready to take their first steps, alone, into the big wide world.  You can feel those first nervous flutters at the pit of your stomach.

Going to school for children is a huge adventure.  For the past year of more they’ve been interacting with children of their own age at playgroup or preschool and already know lots of children who attend their school.


Now they feel ‘grown up’, there not a toddler anymore and they get to go to school like all the other big kids – they’ve been waiting excitedly for this day for weeks.

Don’t rain on their parade by blubbing all over the place!  Suck it up until they are indoors and you are heading off back home.  Nobody wants the embarrassment of a red eyed mum at school.

If you’ve got a friend who’s in the same boat – give her a phone and you can help each other through this difficult first day.

Let us know how you (and your new school girl/boy) got on; we’d love to hear from you.

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