Fisher Price Little People Wheelies Loops ‘n’ Swoops Amusement Park

Whee! Zip and zoom your way around the Fisher Price Little People Wheelies Loops ‘n’ Swoops Amusement Park which features:

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  • 360º loop the loop
  • 60cm high
  • 2 wheelies vehicles included
  • Suitable for age 1½ – 5 years
  • 3 AA batteries required
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The Little People Wheelies Loops ‘n’ Swoops Amusement Park stands over 2 feet tall and kids aged 18 months and over will be totally entertained by this action packed durable playset.

Screams of delight as the wheelies zoom down each of the two roller coaster ramps and gravity defying loop the loop action.

Featuring star shaped lights and fun sound effects which are activated as the Little People ride around this action packed mini-vehicle toy.  Two Fun Park themed Wheelies are included with the set and others are available to purchase separately.

Fun loving kids will have loads of fun with this Fisher Price playset either on their own or with friends as this Wheelies Amusement Park is double sided. Take their imagination on a roller coaster ride with this brightly coloured toy.

Release the car’s rollercoaster action at the push of a button and see it flying down the ramp. On the way down it passes under the monkey arch which will activate a spinning star.

Carrying on its gravity defying journey down hairpin bends, past waiving flags toward the finish line where ‘magically’ more star shaped lights and sounds are activated.

As if all this is not enough send your Wheelies speeding down the long ramp to finish with a 360º loop the loop, at the end of the loop, lift up the jump and your wheelie will go flying!

The park will help to exercise your child’s coordination and imagination as they grasp and hold the Wheelies and send them on their way down the ramps and with loads of sounds to listen to and choices to make this amusement park is just like the real thing.

The only downside to The Fisher Price Little People Wheelies Loops ‘n’ Swoops Amusement Park that I could find was that 3 AA batteries, which are required, were not included.

With lots of fun things to keep your little one interested there are sure to be lots of visits to the Wheelies Loops ‘n’ Swoops Amusement Park.

Kids will love the flashing lights, sound effects on this easy to assemble playset and will sing along to the fun song, for added fun there is a ticket booth, fun house mirror, food stand, lift gate and more on the bottom level of the park, as well as two new four wheeled Wheelie vehicles which are the ideal size for little hands.

What’s inside the Fisher Price Little People Loops ‘n’ Swoops Amusement Park

  • Amusement Park
  • 2 Wheelies cars

Specification for Wheelies Loops’ ‘n’ Swoops Amusement Park

  • Measures 76.2 x 41.9 x 67.3 cm (30 x 16½ x 26½ inches)
  • Boxed Weight 4 Kg
  • Suitable for ages 18 months – 5 yrs
  • Batteries 3 AA batteries are required but are not included
  • Philips screwdriver required.

Reviews for Fisher Price Loops ‘n’ Swoops Amusement Park

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